Thursday, January 24, 2013

So Liberating...

There’s so much love... to give, to take, to share, to be in the state of, to dwell in the state of blissful loving, to live in the love. There no love to compare, no love to hide, to fear, to protect... there’s only love – the state of being...a miracle. To liberate this love once is to liberate it for ever, it’s an abundant state, so fresh and radiant. To liberate it once is to discover you are only love, it’s liberating itself every single second, there is more and more and there are no limits in giving and sharing this love. More love liberating itself everyday. And this love goes to the world, I am becoming more love and love fills me up, I am love and will stay love for ever.

I’m finding it more difficult to write as there are no words in the world that could express this state... and yet the feeling to share this love is so strong...


Monday, January 21, 2013

Valentine Project Update 1

It's getting HOTTER!!!!

Our grandma has just added more spices to our Valentine Project! She is an amazing knitter! And look what she's made especially for Us and for YOU! It took her all evening yesterday but this morning it was ready!

Totally hot (made with wool) sexy male boxers with a twist!
 Find out for yourself!

Just grab them before they are gone!!!!!

You can get your boxer pants here:

Romance Rules!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Let Romance Rule!

Here you will find all about our recent projects! All that has been visioned by our hearts or  the hearts of other fascinating people who we know and support!

Get involved in our projects!

Support them

like them,

talk to us,

share your words!

Be part of the vision!!

Our Recent Project:
Let Romance Rule! - our new Valentine campaign

This year our whole family got involved in our new project - spreading love around the globe! Our kids got busy helping us with making the video and gathering all arts & crafts materials.
Get together this February! Get involved in our project!

Let us make the whole month of February the month of Love and Affection!
Help us send messages of Passion and Desire around the globe!
Your messages!

Do you also want to make this year's Valentine's Day a much hotter day?

Get involved in our project!

We'll send one of our handmade burlesque style postcards to your special someone
anywhere in the world!

Each postcard will read 'Let Me Come Closer...' written on a small tag attached to it,
there will be no return address and it may be signed with your initials.
Only you can reveal the mystery!
Spread the word about our project now!
Let Romance Rule!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

ps. The video for this project was made by our 6-year-old son. He enjoyed it so much! So, it has become the whole family project!

You can find more about our projects here:

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!